Voice Over Services

Excellent experience. We had a challenging job and Elisa delivered amazing work. Great with communication and I will definitely be back to work with her again!

Veritas Film & TV- Creative Development Company

I worked with Elisa for several projects and she was quite amazing. Professional, absolutely perfect regarding work quality and so easy to communicate. I couldn’t ask for better!

Giacomo P. – Producer and Sound Engineer

I work from my home studio with access to top end professional equipment.

I am a native Italian and I’m fluent in English, so I work in both Italian and International markets. My Italian is flawless and I can deliver a well spoken English with Italian accent. I can also help you translating and adapting your script.

Contact me to discuss your project and for more samples!

Voice demos:

Generale Voicereel IT
Commercial – Italian
Corporate Sample-Italian
Narration- Italian
Videogame/Cartoon – English/Italian

English Basic Studio Demo
Commercial -Italian smooth and calm
Narration – English with an Italian Accent
Audiolibri – estratto L’insostenibile leggerezza dell’essere_M. Kundera

Games for museums – Italian

I deliver top quality voice clips to give a unique touch to your projects!

In addition:

  • Script translation from English to Italian and vice-versus
  • Removing background noise, reducing breaths, mouth clicks and mic pops
  • Mixing with music (Equalization and Compression)
  • WAV and MP3 files
  • More takes so you can choose from different options
  • Synchronization

My latest works