About me

I ‘m from Liguria but I have lived in Rome for many years. Since I was young, I was fascinated by Theatre and voice world. In 2014 I graduated as Professional Actress at Drama School of Bologna Alessandra Galante Garrone. After that, I got my MA in Performing Arts, Fashion and Digital Arts at La Sapienza, Rome.

I also spent a period of work and study in London, where I had the possibility to work with international directors and improve the english language, through workshops and RP/British Accent lessons. In 2019, I was admitted to the School of Acting Specialization at Teatro di Roma and today I continue my professional activities as actress and voice over talent.



I work in theatre, cinema and television.

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Voice Over

I work from my home studio equipped with all professional tools. I worked for different brands as IDEALO, NEBBIA, RICA and many more.

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Voice Over Talent

Some of my credits:

-2020 Corporate video Donatori di coccole – INSANA

-2020 TV spot, IDEALO -Flexiva Sound

-2020 Adv web, NEBBIA Fitness IT

-2020 Adv web, RICA Haircare IT, Chromoplus Colorica

-2019 E-learning, Atomium EISMD

-2019 Adv web, Peter Tea House Giacomo Pasquali

-2019 E-learning, Action Management Dan Newton

-2019 Web Video, Save food, fight waste

-2019 Dubbing, Horror animation role: Madama Rukia

-2018 Web Video, Antinori Winery


2020 L’ ARTE DI CURARE E DI RACCONTARE director Roberto Gandini Teatro di Roma

2019 Mise en espace LE TRE SORELLE director Alessio Bergamo – Teatro di Roma

2019 LE DUCHESSE DI AMALFI director Marco Lucchesi – Teatro di Roma

2019 LA DOPPIA INCOSTANZA director Lorenzo Lavia, role Silvia Teatro di Roma

2017 I PARADISI PERDUTI director Cesar Brie

2016 UN SOGNO director Walter Pagliaro, role Agnes

2016 NOTTI D’AMORE E DI FOLLIA director Andrea Lupo – Teatro delle Temperie

2015 Mime, ELEKTRA director Guy Joosten -Teatro Comunale di Bologna

2014 LE CONVULSIONI director Mauro Avogadro, role Domenica Teatro di Villa Torlonia